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How to Deal With Nightmare Clients, Projects Gone Wrong and Public Business Disputes

By Matthew on October 27th, 2010 Category: Articles 1 Comment

Regardless of how smoothly your business may operate, no one is completely immune to criticism and controversy. With BP’s disastrous oil spill continuing to dominate the headlines almost three months after it took place, it’s becoming alarmingly clear that even the world’s most powerful and formerly respected brands can take a hit online. But what […]

Writing Great Titles and Headlines for Your Website

By Stephanie on October 19th, 2010 Category: Articles 7 Comments

Whether you’re writing informative content for a business blog or the latest update for your personal website, writing eye-catching headlines that make sense is an important skill you shouldn’t take for granted if you want your website to get noticed.  Just as the subject line is the email’s first impression, the title or headline also […]

5 Essential Tips When Writing Website Content

By Stephanie on September 24th, 2010 Category: Articles 5 Comments

This is my first post for, so I’ll begin with one of the keys to a website’s success: content. The internet may have changed completely over the years, but the evolution sure didn’t leave out the people who used it.  Readers who browse, read, and gather information online are different now in terms of how […]

15 Useful MS Word Tricks you Probably Didn’t Know

By Abhin on June 25th, 2010 Category: Articles 6 Comments

15 Useful MS Word Tricks You Probably Didnt Know

Microsoft Office Word is one of the most used word processors in the world. This application is made by Microsoft, well known for Windows, and is part of the Microsoft Office package that contains Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Word offers users comprehensive support in creating letters, reports, etc., including spell checking, text formatting facilities like […]