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Before You Fire Your Search Engine Optimizer…

By Gabriella on April 7th, 2010 Category: Articles 2 Comments

Before You Fire Your Search Engine Optimize

Time… Money… If you’re like most business owners nowadays, you don’t have enough of either to go around. It’s understandable, therefore, when you stare in shock or laugh when someone offers to perform this snake-oil service called search engine optimization. It’s even more understandable when they tell you that the practice fondly referred to as “that SEO […]

10 CSS3 Features you Will Love and Want to Use

By Cody Robertson on March 17th, 2010 Category: Tutorials 15 Comments

Even though CSS3 is not fully supported yet, many web developers are starting to use many of the new techniques introduced. CSS3 has taken a very large step forward in helping web developers get away from importing mass amounts of images/JavaScript and making it possible to do this only by using pure CSS. I am […]