Move aside Flash, here comes HTML5

So there has been a lot of talk about HTML5 recently. Many people even started comparing it to Adobe’s Flash. Although Flash can be rather extensive it is not without it’s bugs and does tend to crash computers a fair bit when it’s not developed the way it should be.

With Apple supporting HTML5, the markup language has definitely got a great deal of support with some beautiful work being demonstrated. Here for you today, I have collected the finest demos from around the web, enjoy.

3D Tiler




Earth Night Lights

Color Blendy

Defend yourself

3D Chess

Cloth Simulation

Particle generator


Particle fun

Blowup video




Ball pool

Arcade Fire

I hope these demos have inspired you to at least check out HTML5. It is definitely the ‘thing’ of the future so the earlier you can get on the bandwagon the better 🙂

HTML5 References and tutorials

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  1. Move over, yeah. Go away, though? No. Most of this stuff will require html5, probably some css, and a ton of javascript. Aside from SEO, which isn’t really as major an issue when dealing with an animation/movie/graphic/simulation, doing things like this and canvas in html5 aren’t really better than Flash. At least in Flash you have the timeline and Actionscript (which is pretty easy and powerful). I’ve done things with like 1/10th as much AS as javascript before. Flash animations I view tend to be smoother as well (contrary to what everyone, Apple especially, says to perpetuate the idea that Flash slows ‘n crashes every computer on the planet). On the flip side, most major html5+javascript animations I’ve viewed are choppy, slow, and have don’t hesitate to crash a browser instance.

  2. HTML5 is the buzz but…

    * It looks simple and like Flash for 10 years ago
    * It doesn’t work the same across browsers

    So how could it even compete?

  3. This shows well the power of html5.. thanks for sharing..