Amazing High Quality Icons for your Inspiration

We all love and admire well-designed icon sets. Because we’re always on the lookout for inspiration, we’ve gathered a collection of absolutely amazing, original, quality icon sets to use on your desktop or to just look at and enjoy. These icons were made by some of the best icon designers out there, so, please, remember to always respect the designer and their terms of use.

While all of these icons may be used in private projects, such as your desktop or dock, we strongly recommend that you view each licensing agreement before using any for commercial purposes.

Jewelry Professional Icon Set by antialiasfactory

Jewelry Professional Icon Set

Mac USB Icons by omercetin

Mac USB Icons

Free Mobile Berries Icon Set by templay-team

Free Mobile Berries Icon Set

NiXUS by kyo-tux


Peppers by Kluke


Plastic Box by tomeqq

Plastic Box

Sushi Icons by Kluke

Sushi Icons

Mixed Icons Pack by simiographics

Mixed Icons Pack

Guitar icons by Vlademareous

Guitar icons

Master Chief Helmet by Svengraph

Master Chief Helmet

ChokoPack by simiographics


Icons 18 by Vlademareous


Music icon set by LeMex

Music icon set

Social Networks by Adriankenny

Social Networks

Spiderman Mask Pack by Svengraph

spiderman mask

templay Icon Set by templay-team

Templay Icon Set

Onibari Ultimate by Stinky9

Onibari Ultimate

iFirefox by babasse


iSafari World by DragonXP

iSafari World

Applications Icons and Extras by omercetin

Applications Icons and Extras

iDroid icons for Android by iirojappinen

iDroid icons for Android

Espresso black cup by Gpopper

Espresso black cup

Xbox 360 Elite Joypad Icon by Svengraph

Xbox 360 Elite Joypad Icon

rainbow flower by leon-gao

rainbow flower

Archives by cgink


Best Practices

Don’t they look great?, we’re not quite finished yet. We’ve got a small collection of tutorials lined up, follow them and learn from them. And don’t forget to pratice, practice and practice.

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  1. thanks… keep it up my pal…. u r awesome!

  2. WOW! The sushi and pepper are just out of this world. Thanks for this unique collection; I’d only seen one or two of these before. Thanks for always bringing out things other sites don’t have!