A Humble Collection of Amazing Icon Inspiration

We all use icons in our designs, some create there own and some browse for stock icons or free icons. Creating your own icons is very time consuming and not all web designer have the time or the knowhow to create them.

Another point could be that the project budget isn’t that high or the client simply doesn’t want to pay you for creating custom icons and is happy with you using stock icons or free icons. And not to be disrespectful but we all know that many web designers aren’t capable of creating these pixel perfect icons, it’s a profession on it’s own. And therefore we all should be very thankful that they share them with us.

And here’s a nice collection of free, amazing and ready to use icons for your next project. Before using any of these icons please read the license agreements, just to be sure.

Project Icons by Mihaiciuc Bogdan

project icons

Mini Icon Set by Mahmoud Saleh

mini icon set

Sando set by Salvador Lopez

Sando set

Pixlephilia 2 by Ömer ÇETİN


Random Icons by Rskys

random icons

111 Free Ecommerce Icons by Sketchdock


Spirit20 by 19eighty7


WooCons by WooThemes


Comfi Telecom icons by Andrey Kem

telecom icons

Danish Royalty Free by Jonas Rask

Danish Royalty Free

Dusseldorf by PC


Boolean 1.1 by Prax-08


Designer Icon Set by Parthiban Mohanraj

designer icon

Free icons by Emil Baehr

free icons

Tabs free by Kevin Anderson

tabs free

Plenty more where that came from but i’ve selected the ones i like and the ones you’ll can use. Looking for more or want to create your own then read on to find a list of tutorials resources and inspiration.

Thanks for reading and let us know if we missed any good ones or just say Hi!

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  1. Very nice icons.. Specially the last one is very original..

  2. lovee it love it, wish they were free

  3. Thanks a lot for those resources. I love it !!

  4. Nice icons. I was curious to where you got some of them from 🙂