45+ WordPress plugins To Enhance Your Comments

Besides a blog post content, the comment section is the most important part of your website, it’s not only create valuable discussion but also help you to improve the SEO ranking of the website by adding fresh new content and relevant articles to your post or further more sharing the post to the world.

There are many WordPress plugins that can help you to boost your comment section and you can find many other articles talk about this topic by Google search, but in this article, I want to introduce to you the best and newest plugin that I always love:

1. Give Your Commentators Backlink:


CommentLuvThis plugin fetches the feed found at commentators site URL while they type their comment and extracts the last blog post title with link and displays it below the comment form. When they submit their comment, the last blog post link gets added on the end of their comment for all to see.


It will disable the automatic rel=”nofollow” attributes added to external links. You may want to do this if you have good spam filtering for your comments, or if your blog is moderated. Remove rel=”nofollow” tag and combined with hard comment moderated will encourage your visitors contribute good comment for your website.

NoFollow Free

This WordPress plugin works like DoFollow plugin but it can insert (if you want) an image band at the top of your pages with the phrase: “NOFOLLOW FREE” to encourage your users to submit comments.

Dofollow Trackbacks Plugin

The function is the same with the plugin above but it’s designed for Trackbacks only. Dofollow Trackbacks plugin shares your link love only with the people who has found your post valuable enough to link it on their blog.

2. Send Notifications to Commentators:

Subscribe to Comments

Subscribe CommentThe plugin enables commentators to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries, your commentators can unsubscribe to certain posts, block all notifications, or even change their notification e-mail address.

Comment Relish

Comment relish is a WordPress plugin like “Subscribe to Comments” plugin but it was developed to send an e-mail message to users who comment on your website who have never commented before.

Filosofo Enroll Comments

Filosofo Enroll Comments is designed for WordPress 2.0 and newer, it allows users to receive an email when someone comments on a post and manage their subscriptions using the admin control panel.

Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments

This Plugin allows readers to receive notifications of new comments that are posted to an entry, with double-opt-in Feature. Plugin based on Mark Jaquith “Subscribe to Comments”.

Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later (TML) will automatically send an e-mail to your those who leave a comment at your blog. Use this plugin to say ‘Thanks’ to your visitors, and prompt them to further engage with your blog.


Comment-Emailer allows you to customize the email wordpress automatically sends when a new comment, pingback or trackback has been approved.

3. Most Recent and Most Popular Comments

Top Commentators Widget

This plugin shows the top commentators in your WordPress site by the form of Widget and it’s very easy to manage via the control form.

Get Recent Comments

This plugin displays excerpts of the most recent comments and/or trackbacks that have been posted to the articles in your blog.

comment avatarRecent Comments with Avatars

Once the widget is added to your sidebar you may easily configure it to provide a display of recent comments with comment author avatars

4. Comment Statistics

Comment Analysis

The plugin contains functions to show comment count, pingback count, trackback count, top commentors, most recent comments, and much more….

Comment Count

Comment Count has a simple function is counting the number of comments in your website.

Admin Commenters Comments Count

Comments CountNext to all appearances of each commenter’s name in the admin, shows a count of their total number of comments, linked to a listing of those comments.

Comment Counter

Comment Counter is a plugin which count the comments by a commentator. You can define different parameters for the count such as the URL, the authorname….

5. Enhanced comment posting form


TinyMCE CommentsThis plugin turns the comment field from a primitive into a WYSIWYG editor, using the internal TinyMCE library bundled with WordPress 2.0 or up.

Ajax Comment Posting

The plugin not only will it post your comment without refreshing the page, but it will also make sure that you’ve filled all the form fields correctly.

Edit Comments XT Plugin

Edit Comments XT is a simple WordPress plugin that allows commenters to edit their own comments. To edit a comment, a user must have the same IP address as the user that made the comment and they must also make the edit within a specific time frame. The default edit time window is 30 minutes.

Easy Comment Uploads

This plugin allow your visitors to attach images or other file to their comments as easily as possible.

Live Comment Preview

Live Comment Preview is the simplest way to get live comment previews on your site, it allows readers to preview their comments before posting.

Comment Sorter

With Comment Sorter, readers can disable Trackbacks and also decide what order they would like to read the comments.

Comment Validation

This plugin aims to help by adding validation to the comment form. When a user submits the form and something is missing, an appropiate message is displayed and individual fields are highlighted. When the email or url is in an incorrect format, a message is displayed accordingly.

Custom Avatars For Comments

Custom Avatars For CommentsYour visitors will be able to choose from the avatars you upload to your website for each and every comment they make.

6. Comment reactions


Quoter allows users to quote a comment or a post in their comments, in a similar way to forums. Comments can be quoted by clicking a link which pastes them (real-time with Javascript, or, if it is disabled, refreshing the page) in the comment form.

Twitter Avatars In Comments

This plugin will fetch the Commentators twitter avatar as the comment avatar by looking for their email address.

GD Star Rating

star ratingThis plugin enable visitors to vote on the comment and can display the comment which has the high vote. It’s not ony vote comment but also post, page…. If GD Star Rating is to big for your needs, you can try the following plugin:

Comment Rating

In usual, you must moderate readers’ comments on your blog, but with this plugin your readers will decide which comment deserves to be shown. This plugin automatically embeds clickable images in comments using simple AJAX javascript (no heavy jQuery) to allow visitors rate comments in Like vs. Dislike fashion.

Riffly Webcam Video Comments

Video CommentsRiffly is a free service that easily plugs into your site allowing visitors to create video and audio comments.

Feature Comments

Lets the admin add “featured” or “buried” css class to selected comments. Handy to highlight comments that add value to your post.

7. Fighting Comment Spam


Antispam plugin from the creators of WordPress which was add in default of wordpress packing and it require API key from WordPress.com and it’s free for personal use.

WP Captcha-Free

WP Captcha-Free blocks automated comment spam without resorting to CAPTCHAs. It does so by validating a hash based on time (and some other parameters) using AJAX when the form is posted.


This plugin adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the comment form, registration form, login, or all.

Math Comment Spam Protection

The plugin asks the visitor making the comment to answer a simple math question. This is intended to prove that the visitor is a human being and not a spam robot.

Defensio Anti-Spam

Defensio is an advanced spam filtering web service that learns and adapts to your behaviors and those of your readers.

8. Comment and SEO

SEO Super Comments

SEO CommentsThis is one of my favorite plugin developed by Vladimir Prelovac, for each user comment the plugin will create a new dynamic page on the blog, holding the actual comment information. This page will not actually exist in WordPress database.
The plugin can bring back a big jump in site’s index visible to search engines. This is possible because blog comments are crawl-able, index-able and most importantly rank-able content.

Comment Length Limiter

This plugin provides a configurable limit on the length of comments left in the comment form, with a character countdown displayed for the user and dynamically updated with each keypress.
From the perspective of SEO (search engine optimization), very long comments also dilute the impact of the author’s original post by relegating it to a small proportion of the overall content available on the page.

Remove duplicated post content on comments pages

Plugin replaces post content on comments pages with a customized text and link to full post text.
Neccessary for wordpress 2.7+, or you will be rated low for duplicate content.

Comment Timeout

This plugin automatically closes comments on blog entries after a user- configurable period of time. I recommend you using this plugin because the old post may has a high PR rank and new comment on this post may harm your PR.

9. Comment and Social website

Twitter Blog

Twitter Blog will not only tweet your blog post, but it will also check hourly for replies to that tweet and turn it into a comment on that blog post.

Twitoaster WordPress Plugin

twitoasterThe Twitoaster WordPress Plugin automatically retrieves Twitter replies and/or retweets to your Blog’s posts. These “Twitter comments” are displayed like comments, on the posts pages they are related to.

Twit Connect

Twit ConnectThis plugin will allow your website visitors to comment on your blog by using their Twitter account.

Buzz Comments

Buzz Comments is for users who’ve their WordPress blog in their Google Buzz connected sites list. In that case discussions about the Blogposts often split in two seperate threads. Some users reply on Buzz and some on the Blog. This plugin adds the comments posted on Buzz about your posts to the comments on the blog.

Meet Your Commenters

When someone comments on your blog and writes a comment with his/her URL, is leaving more information than you think. This wordpress plugin displays web pages and profiles of those users in the dashboard, so you can add them as friends if you are in the same social network. You will be able to know the profiles of your visitors in social networks like flickr, twitter, and facebook.

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  18. i�m desperately looking for a way to count the number of comments each commentators have left on my blog, AND reward them with a ranking in a forum-like way : below 50 comments, you�re a newbie (and have an avatar of newbie), between 50 and 100 you�re a �confirmed� (or whatever you want) and have another avatar, etc�

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