15 Inspiring Minimal Web Designs

Minimal Web Design is becoming more and more popular across the web. Many people claim that designing a minimal website is a kind of ‘cowards way out’. However, Minimal Web Design is a lot harder to design ‘right’ than most people think.

The design has to be effective and the designer must decide whether it’s images or text that does the talking. The design is simple, but the elements that make up the design are key.

Many ‘designers’ think they’re doing it right, whereas in reality, they’re doing it wrong. So many things need to be considered… colours, typefaces, width, whitespace etc. It’s shocking to know that some people who call themselves ‘web designers’ overlook these things.

So, to help you get on your way to designing it ‘right’ I’ve rounded up a collection of 15 inspiring minimal web designs.


70 Folk

Alacaesar Design

The Carbon Co-op


Index Two


Mina Markham

Multitouch Barcelona

North Kingdom

Put This On

Read and Destroy

Stefan Coisson


There is

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  1. I like “There is” but it’s a bit mystery meat

  2. so beautiful. I find these clean and minimal designs always fascinating. thanks for that!

  3. Nice round-up. As you can see from my portfolio site, I am a big fan and practitioner of minimalism!


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