Well Designed Interfaces From Financial Businesses

Financial businesses that provides services like Online Banking, Insurances, Savings, Investments, Online trading etc. have been hit hard the last few years, some of them didn’t make it through the crisis and the ones that did make it had a difficult time, Yeah i know, it’s their own fault but that doesn’t mean they’re all the blame of this.

To have a website with a trustworthy, user friendly interface and appealing design is now a days more important then ever. While more people are getting known on the world wide web they need to know what the company stands for, when they visit there site. A potential customer also needs to see the most important things in a easy and understandable way without any distractions.

It was a tough job finding great and usable designs in the financial industry, 80% of the financial related services which have a website should think twice before they continue with there outdated, not-usable and terrible looking designs.

Today we’ve selected a few of these interfaces from financial related businesses. You will notice that a lot of Dutch businesses are shown, this is because they’re some of the best in this field.


Oplossingen voor Pensioen, Hypotheek, Verzekeringen, Sparen en Beleggen

Amsterdam Trade Bank

Amsterdam Trade Bank

Insinger de Beaufort

Insinger de Beaufort

Bank of Ireland

bank of ireland

National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank

US Bank

US Bank









Nationale Nederlanden

Nationale Nederlanden



Centraal Beheer Achmea

Centraal Beheer Achmea





GFT Forex

gft forex trading

Unbelievable don’t you think. Just a few worth mentioning in this showcase, they make so much money out of us and they simply just can’t give a better and more usable web in return. Do you think I’m wrong and you’ve seen more great designs in this line of business then feel free to either send me the link or post it in here. Thanks.

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