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How to turn the homepage of your WordPress blog into a magazine style layout

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Customizing your WordPress theme used to be a job that only designers and developers could handle – today, I’m going to show you how to customize your WordPress theme and turn your regular blog home page into a magazine style home page. The steps are outlined to work with the default WordPress theme, Kubrick, but can easily be applied to any WordPress theme you may be running.


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33 Kick-Ass Websites for Your Inspiration

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Websites are the most powerful sources of getting inspired from. They are such great sources because they contain a lot of space. This space is usually filled with tehniques, skills and knowledge that the designer knows. Below are gathered 33 beautiful, modern, elegant, kick-ass and hand-picked websites that will be a great source to boost your inspiration.  The websites collected below contain different styles in it, so if you’re looking for some inspiration to keep your fresh and adapt to current web trends – you’re at the right place.



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5 Must Have Extensions on Your Joomla Installation

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Joomla is the most promising CMS software for the next generation of websites. My opinion is that, in the next years Joomla will eclipse WordPress which is mostly use these days. If you are a fan of WordPress, I want to give you a tip: “Try Joomla! and you’ll fell the difference.”

I started with Joomla as a web designer, but knowing just one CMS, I couldn’t say that Joomla is much better then any other CMS’s out there. So I tried other CMS’s like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and many others to make a comparison between them.

Honestly till now I couldn’t find one CMS that can accomplish so many tasks like Joomla. And many cheap web hosting providers support Joomla just like any other CMS.

But enough with so many awards to Joomla and let’s get to business. Let us find the purpose why you are reading this article.

For the ones that already use Joomla on they’re websites and for those that want to give a try to this amazing software, I will provide in this article 5 extensions that are a must have on your Joomla installation: (more…)

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Essential tips for building an online community

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Websites today tend to strive for returning visitors and to build a pleasant community of users. People who are happy revisiting the website once a week, once or day or even more than once a day. It’s all well saying that good content and a nice design will attract people but will it entice them to return again and again. There are a number of posts that simply list suggestions such as: set up an RSS feed, network with people through social media and comment at blogs and forums. Now these are more marketing tips rather than community building tips. So how does one build a community?

Rewards and Achievements

When someone visits your website they tend to be rather selfish, (subconsciously, of course). They look around and try to determine what the purpose of the website is and how they can benefit from the content. If the user gains something from the experience then they are more likely to return.

If you regularly visit design blogs then you will notice that giveaways are a common occurrence throughout the community. A few people who enter, may revisit the website to have a look around but it is almost assured that your traffic will resume to its original state once the competition has ended.

Now the trick in giving things away or rewarding users is to never stop giving and rewarding. Competitions are great but once they end, they end. If you had a competition to win $2000, you would no doubt get a lot of traffic your way (so long as your marketing is up to par) but once you’ve given the $2000, traffic is likely to resume as normal. If you gave the $2000 away every time a user commented or posted in the forums, then almost everybody would keep returning. Now because you have removed the idea of losing, you are giving the user a win win situation. Thus, you can reduce the amount given away to $200, or $20, or even $2.

You will find that you don’t even need to give something of monetary value away to entice users to return. For example, look at Xbox live, people complete challenges to achieve a certain badge to impress their friends. So long as there is always something to achieve, there will always be competition and so users will replay the game again and again. Another example closer to home is the badges used in the Envato Marketplace forums. Now I don’t use the forums but I’ve heard that users almost go out of their way to acquire a badge (a tiny little image) for their profile.

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