20 Inspiring Textured Websites

Textured Websites are becoming more and more popular. Mainly because adding simple, subtle textures to a design can really make a difference and improve the visual appearance. Textures can be anything: wood, metal, brick, even simple dust scratches.

There are tonnes of great resources around the net that offer free high quality textures. Two of my favourites being Spoon Graphics and Circle Box.

Here’s a collection of what I feel are 20 of the most visually appearing and inspiring textured websites.

A Simple Measure

Backburner Theme

The Brooklyn Circus

Christian Swinnen

Digital Labs

Brett Chaney

Emily Whitesmith

Get into Gardening

Idyllic Creative


Made by Duncan

Matthew Leak


United Pixelworkers

Rapture of the Deep


Sofa Surfer

Trevor Hutchison


Wireframe Plus


As you can see, textures can really make a difference and improve the visual appearance of a sites’ design. Do you think that the sites listed would be as appealing as they are without the textures? I wouldn’t think so.

Remember, textures can be anything: wood, metal, brick, even simple dust scratches. They don’t have to be ‘full on’ and dominating the design, subtle can be just as effective.

Do you know any sites that make great uses of textures and haven’t been listed? Let us know!

Tell us what your favourite listed design is too! 😉

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  1. These are all incredible! The originality is amazing. All are cool-looking and really inspiring texture websites. I think my favorites are Get into Gardening, A Simple Measure, Trevor Hutchison, and WeGraphics!

    Keep up the good work!

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